Course Information

Inclusive breakdown of costs and expenses, relating to gaining an LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) category C driving licence, category C+E, and gaining the Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) Initial Qualification.

License Category Medical Practical Training Driving test-fee Theory multiple choice questions test Hazard Perception Test Driver CPC Initial Qualification


VAT @ 20% On practical training only! Total
C Large Goods Vehicle







Free access to Q&A online


Free access online


No, if doing Periodic training

£1,107.00 £180.00 £1,287.00


C+E (artic) Done at category C 5-days  £1,000.00 £115.00 No No No £1,115.00 £170.00 £1,135.00
D1 Minibus




£115.00 £26.00 £11.00 No £747.00 £108.00 £855.00
B+E car and trailer No 3-days
£115.00 No No No £655.00 £108.00 £763.00
Driver CPC Modules 2 and 4 No £180.00 


Mod 4

No No £23.00 Mod 2 £258.00 £36.00 £294.00

The above costs are for gaining your Vocational Driving Licence.

If you need to do Driver CPC, add Modules 2 (£23.00 test-fee) and Module-4 (Training £180.00 + VAT of £36) + test-fee of £55.00 = £294.00).


Test Fees Price
Module 1a Theory Test Multiple Choice Questions £26.00
Module 1b Theory Test Hazard Perception Clips £11.00
Module 2 Driver CPC Case Studies £23.00
Module 3 Practical Driving Test £115.00
Module 4 Driver CPC Practical Demonstration Test £55.00
Total cost for study material from Amazon (will fluctuate). £230.00

Courses Price
Class C Practical Training (5-day intensive training course) £800.00
Use of Instructor, Training and Vehicle for Module 4 £160.00
Class C+E Practical Training (5-day intensive training course) £850.00

There are four modules which must be completed before you receive your Driver Qualification Card (DQC), which must be held in addition to your vocational licence to allow you to drive professionally for a living.

Modules 1 and 3 represent the Vocational licence aquisition and Modules 2 and 4 are the Driver CPC elements.

Theory Test Multiple Choice Questions

100 questions

Pass mark is 85/100

Test fee: £26

Theory Test Hazard Perception Clips

19 clips

Pass mark is 67/100

Test fee: £11

Driver CPC Case Studies (1.5 hours)

7 case studies consisting of 6-8 questions up to 50 marks

Pass is PCV=40; LGV=38

Fee: £23

Practical Driving Test (1.5 hours)

Test fee: £115

Driver CPC Practical Demonstration Test (0.5 hours)

5 categories

You must score at least 15/20 on each but need an overall score of 80/100 to pass

Test fee: £55

Client Testimonials

Angus HGV have a great team of instructors, they are very patient, very knowledgable and thorough in the training they provide.

Dominic Paterson

Thank you to Pat and Kenny for getting me through my c + e licence, your instructing was great Pat! Would highly recommend.

Seif Ashraf

Can’t praise Kenny and his team namely Pat who instructed me to a pass for my Class 1 HGV licence first class job. Cheers!

Keith Rennie